Like a plant, growing takes time

Recently I attended a Yoga and Meditation Workshop, at the very welcoming Lotus Loft, situated in the heart of Exeter city centre.

Arriving just in time, I hastily opened the door and the first thing I noticed was the beautiful fragrance of incense.  An attractive lady greeted me, she had long golden hair with the tips dyed a deep red.  She would be my yoga instructor for the day.

Her calm and authentic nature made unfolding the stresses of life seem simple, and I was happy to be in this space of Self.   As the session came to a close, the teacher kindly handed out a plant to each student to take home.

Her teachings were simple and sweet: –

Neatly seated on folded knees, we were advised that, once we established a good Self Care routine, our cup becomes so full, it freely over spills and we can become the best version of ourselves.  *Too often, this Self Care is over looked*

Putting other people at the top of our priority list is something many of us do daily.  While letting our own needs fall to the bottom. We often commit to helping those around us, clearing up others mess, cooking the food and eating last.  Serving ourselves the same love and compassion tends to be much more of a struggle.

Looking down at the small succulent plant in my hand, we were gently reminded that, like a plant, self-care practice would take time to nurture and grow.   It means – taking little moments, where we can, to invest in ourselves whole heartily.

To always practice refilling our cup.

Like nature, not everything is perfect and life rarely goes as we plan.  No matter how much we nurture it, it may not turn out just as we hoped.   We have to be gentle with the unexpected events life throws at us and be prepared (cup full) to roll with the punches.   When things get though, do not give up on yourself.

Allow yourself the time to develop a strong self-care practice and be graceful enough to forgive yourself if it doesn’t look like what you hoped for.

Most importantly, SHOW UP for YOURSELF.

Just like you would do for your plant or a loved one – a little each day.

  ~ Namaste ~

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Hello! My name is Richenda and I'm a Holistic Therapist & Yoga Teacher with a keen interest in nutrition. Here you will find a blend of recipes, on-line yoga classes & complementary therapies that I offer in the beautiful countryside of Devon.

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