About Me

Hi, my name is Richenda but people call me Roo.

I live on the coast of North Devon, in a cosy little flat with a stunning (often stormy) sea view.  I share this wonderful space with my beautiful daughter, my fiancé, a tatty terrier dog and a very fluffy cat.

I’m a trained Holistic Therapist and over the years I have explored many different treatments, tools and teachers. I think I have always been on some kind of quest to understand the human race, well being, our relationship to each other and the planet.  I often find myself wanting to help others in an attempt to live peacefully in this somewhat distortion of modern day society.

Yoga has been the greatest turning point for me.  Through repetition I have experienced a sense of grounding, mental clarity and acceptance of the continuing changes within myself.  My practice runs deeper than asanas (postures) that I previously believed yoga to be about.  Now I hold a lot of gratitude and space for this spiritual practice.

I unquestionably love to eat, especially in the company of my nearest and dearest.  For me, sharing nourishing food brings a kind of magic – the bonding of people over a meal, while subtly making a community.  There’s nothing I like more than sitting down with a wholesome bit of cake and a nice cuppa.  I’m pretty sure it nourishes the soul!

I created this blog as a medium to learn, share, support and to reach out to others.  My notion is to travel on the exploration of holistic health together.  I hope by the practice of kindness, that together we can pour love into the minds of the people that surround us, creating a ripple effect, that reaches far and wide, healing the planet and ourselves.

Here you will find a mix of nourishing vegetarian and vegan recipes, yoga chat, mindfulness, spirituality and more.

So put the kettle on, pull up your chair and join me at the table.