Online lockdown with Sampoorna Yoga

Dreams of travelling to Mother India have danced around my mind for a whole decade. Now with my wedding just around the corner, my daughter old enough to be away from me and the money I had worked so bloomin hard to save, my thirst was finally about to be quenched. I could almost taste the aromatic spices of India’s sweet teas. This was happening…

Or so I thought!!!

…3am sitting in my dark front room, after a late night bar shift I couldn’t control my tears. The TV illuminated with the news of Covid-19 and my chest felt full of sympathy for all those affected.  A couple of weeks later the phone calls and text massages went out to announce the cancellation of our wedding, our honeymoon, my trip to India and well, just about everything else. 

While mindlessly scrolling my way through Instagram one evening, I came across a post about online yoga teacher training from the very school I was planning to visit. This was poles-apart from what I wanted, yet a few days later I found myself thinking ‘the whole world has been turned upside down – just move with the flow of it’. Feeling privileged to even have the opportunity, I grabbed my laptop and signed up.

Never did I imagine yoga teacher training would consist of me wearing pyjamas in my front room, attempted headstands while walking the dog, zoom meetings on the sofa and my daughter’s iridescent pencil case. Yet there I was at the starting line of something I had no idea would change my perspective of this wonderful practice for good.  It’s difficult to put into words, without sounding trivial, how my time spent during this course has impacted upon me. But to sum it up as simply as possible, it was like a group of wise women taking me by the hand and saying, “this my dear is how to lay solid foundations.”

I don’t think it would be fair to compare the online training with the customary way in which things are usually done, but perhaps you have young children at home, perhaps you can’t afford to travel to India or maybe you’ve always wanted to train but can’t get the time off work? In these strange times of social distancing and uncertainty, there is a portal open for you to virtually peak into the home of Sampoorna Yoga, with all it’s wonderful teachers, an opportunity in which to learn and expand.

I do believe this is a fabulous way in which to start the beginning of your journey, because for me, in some weird twist of fate, rather than arriving home from a love affair trip away with yoga, I have somehow found growth among piles of washing, bills and housework.

My practice has forged herself onto the four walls of my council flat – a home birth, to my path of yoga, born right in the centre of my living room rug!

So there it is, I’m a YOGA TEACHER! I have so much more to learn, which excites me enormously. The beginning of a life long journey. Until I have the opportunity to arrive in person at this amazing school (which I am still undoubtedly planning to do!) I will continue onward on this path, taking it to all areas of my life, because it is more than just a title, it’s a way of living.

Thank you ALL Sampoorna Yoga. Until we meet again.

– Namaste –

Defensiveness kills connection

Shrinking myself as much as I could I squeezed my way down the aisle of a crowded train looking for my reserved seat.

I was tired, a little hungry and not really in the mood to talk. But it looked as though I would be sharing my seat with a middle-aged gentleman, wearing what looked like a very expensive suit. I was wearing my dirty dog walking boots, with messy hair & a scarf I bought at a charity shop for a pound.  Feeling slightly self-conscious I awkwardly sat down.

Soon a conversation started between the gentleman and myself and to no real surprise he told he was a lawyer from London. I was wary and reserved at first – admittedly this was due to the fact I had read too many books saying most lawyers are sociopath’s or narcissists – cue the paranoia!

In that 2 hour journey we exchanged so much about our lives, about love, divorce, bereavement, children, pets…. although we seemed like chalk and cheese, we in fact had a lot in common. We both laughed a lot and the chuckled conversations seemed to spread to the retired couple sitting in front of us. They then shared their stories of travels and how they had only been in Rome that very morning. The strong viking looking man, sitting to the side of us also joined in. Telling us how he had a busy week away from his family and was happy to be returning home. Then to my surprise another two women, a few seats down, giggling away and who kindly said I had an infectious laugh.

Before long a group of strangers were all in engaged in conversation. Something had shifted; we all seemed to have vibrated onto the same frequency of openness.  Which felt entirely right.

Saying my good byes, I stepped off the train and realised I haven’t eaten my sandwich. I was buzzing with so much warmth I forgot I was even hungry. Walking to my car while stuffing my very late (it was now dinner) lunch into my mouth a wave of something, exhilaration maybe, came over me.




It was a bit like that feeling you get when you fall in love, like you’re transported to some other realm of consciousness. Your body feels light and every day spaces, like train stations on damp afternoons, take on some kind of enchantment. Everything feels magical, connected and blissful.

“Defensiveness kills connection. Curiosity deepens it”

How wonderful it feels when we decide to give to people, when we decide to open our heart and allow space for them to open theirs.

There was so much abundance radiating from that small carriage. What started out, for most of us I’m sure, as the usual sealed envelopes that we carry with us for protection, gradually became unstuck.

And that’s when the mundane become exotic.

~ Namaste ~